• No water waste, No plastic waste,

    No chemical add, Keep mineral salt.



    Removal ion and atom from any pollutant as : Bacteria, Heavy metal, Pesticide , Drug, Radionuclide and Endocrin disruptor.

  • In order to understand clearly the offer in the market, here is a short introduction about different Technologies.

    80% of devices must be connected to the faucet or under the sink.


  • LEAUTUS® Quantum Technology Inside.

    Is the smallest, high performance and economical water filtration unit ever designed. It can be implemented in any coffee or tea maker, fridge or water dispenser to make safe drinking water.

  • Unique Filtration

    Pollutant Removal Summary.

  • LEAUTUS® 2 years R&D , test and certification explain by Intertek Manager

    Research and Development.

    Component Research and Testing.

    Testing and Certification.

  • Founder and Head R&D

    Pierre Marconi

    LEAUTUS® filters the safest water everywhere, anytime for everybody.

    Rebirth Of Purity.

    No Water Waste, no plastic pollution, save natural resources from earth and make it accessible for all people.


  • LEAUTUS® Quantum Technology Inside

    Full Executive Summary in PDF with detailed information available online.

  • Money and Water Waste

    If capacity for 3 filter (Sediment filter, Pre-RO carbon filter, Post carbon sediment filter) are 2, 850 liter.

    285 liter are filtered and drink

    2,565 liter are filtered but REJECTED

     *For 1 liter filtered, 9 liter are rejected ( average) according to reverse osmosis technology

    Download Study for more information .


    India Best Water Purifiers for Domestic Purpose.